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Campbell River Summer - 2012

We are heading back to Vancouver Island for another summer adventure for teachers, on tour ‘Coastal Forestry in Action’. Twenty selected teachers will descend onto the beautiful resource community of Campbell River for three action-packed days of dialogue and field site visits.

We will explore the various species that make up BC’s coastal forests and examine the habitat, management, disease control and forest products associated with these forests.

How can you bring geography, social studies and science to life in your classroom? Bring the forest back to your classroom! Our three day tour will provide teachers of all levels and subject areas with curriculum-based, hands-on teaching ideas.

There will be opportunities to talk with various resource experts and professionals along the way, including biologists, foresters, government officials, First Nations representatives and others. Each day will have a tailored social evening event featuring engaging presentations and discussion. Best of all—the entire experience is absolutely FREE!

It’s about much more than trees; a wide range of values are identified and considered within our forests as we experience this three day adventure in mid-Vancouver Island.

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