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Interior Coastal Circle Tour - Summer 2011

After the success of last year’s summer tour on Vancouver Island, the Festival of Forestry is launching another summer adventure for teachers! This time our tour will follow a circle route through both Interior and Coastal ecosystems. Although two-thirds of British Columbia’s land base—60 million hectares—is forest land, the differences between coastal forests and interior forests are significant. We will explore the various species that make up these forests and how differences between them affect habitat, management, disease control and forest products.

How can you bring geography, social studies and science to life in your classroom? Bring the forest back to your classroom. Our four day tour will provide teachers of all levels and subject areas with curriculum-based, hands-on teaching ideas.

Departing from Vancouver, the Mountain Tops to Coastlines tour will take you Merritt, Lillooet, Whistler, and Squamish with various activities along the way. There will be opportunities to talk with First Nations, government, biologists, foresters, harvesters, and others. Social evening events will feature presentations and discussion. Best of all—the entire experience is absolutely FREE!

It’s not just about trees and forests, the ecosystems include a wide range of values and along the way we will also visit related natural resource sites.


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