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Check out our Report Card Comments!


We get high marks from our teachers. Read what past tour participants are saying about our program.

Coastlines to Mountain Tops Tour


“I really enjoyed the tour. It has changed my perception not only of the industry around me (forestry) but made me more aware that as a consumer we need to be aware of where our wood comes from and make ethical choices about what we buy. I will never again visit a winery without wondering how far their stakes have travelled. I had no idea that there was the amount of thought and consideration and constant improvement in forestry practice that there is with some companies.” 

100 Mile House Tour


“This tour was an incredible learning experience for me.  Coming from the city, I never realized all that went on to bring me my wood and paper.  It was fascinating to learn about the pine beetle infestation and to understand the effects that this is having on the whole industry in the interior.  I will definitely use this new learning in my classroom and a general appreciation for the forestry industry.” 

Terrace Tour


“Thanks so much. What a great opportunity you arranged for us.  I found the people who presented most informative and helpful.  I found our hosts to be charming, congenial, informative and helpful.  I have learned a lot and am and if I am able to take advantage of this and of the people who have volunteered their help, I will be able to do a much better job of teaching Forestry 11/12 class than I could have been able to do alone.  Thank you again.”

Kelowna Tour


“It is clear to me now, that the perception of the forest industry that many Lower Mainland residents have has to change in order to increase support and attract new people to the profession.  I feel that the Festival of Forestry aids in this task by providing invaluable information to teachers, who pass on this information to the hundreds of students in their care.”   

Campbell River Tour


“What an outstanding professional day.  This was exactly what I needed in order to betterprovide my science 8 students with both information and passion about our forests.  I also felt the way this tour was run made the information current, real and memorable.  I enjoyed the hands on format and the chance to talk to the professionals in this field.  I also felt the diversity was appropriate and I felt free to discuss or question any topic.” 

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